Steve's Recommendations


Free Beach Access

The ONLY places you may be married on the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange beach without purchasing a State of Alabama required permit is behind a beach house, condo or hotel with the owners permission, at one of the public beach access points on West Beach (elopements only)  or at an access point on Fort Morgan (Hwy 180) road which is about a 15 mile drive from Gulf Shores.

If, however, just the two of you are eloping, call Steve! 251-709-5007. He can usually find a solution. 

As of August 29, 2019, you may be married in Florida with an Alabama Marriage Certificate! Alabama documents are easier (requiring NO courthouse visits), cheaper (by about $20) and valid in every state no matter where you live or get married. This is good news for everyone wishing to be married at the much less crowded beaches of Perdido Key (next door to Orange Beach).  The Perdido Key Beach Access points are beautiful, less crowded and free.  

OR, you may choose...

$150 (as of April 1, 2020) Permit Required Beach Access

The Gulf State Park public beach access points require this fee. I recommend the Gulf State Park Pavilion at 22250 East Beach Blvd., Gulf Shores. It has easy parking, changing/restroom facilities and even a snack bar. Its beautiful white sand beach and flowing dunes make a perfect wedding spot. Your permit covers parking fees for your wedding party and guests.

You may use it for a wedding ONLY if you are working with a Gulf State Park approved wedding planning company like Bama Weddings, LLC.

Beach Wedding Location Details

Free Beach Access:

$150 Permit Required:

$150 Permit Required:

We are authorized and licensed for these locations:

  • All beaches behind condos, houses or hotels in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Perdido Key are free if the owners allow weddings there. Small elopements are allowed on some public beaches. Talk to us for details. 
  • The 13th Street Beach Access in Gulf Shores is free and located at 1497 West Beach Blvd., Gulf Shores. It is 2.5 miles due west of the intersection of Hwy 59 and Hwy 182.  It is our favorite spot for elopements.
  • Public access points on Fort Morgan Road (Hwy 180) except the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge beach at Mobile Street cannot be used for weddings.
  • Perdido Key (Florida) public beach access points. Call Steve for more information. 251-709-5007

Consider a Wolf Bay Waterfront Alternative

  • The Orange Beach Waterfront Park at 26425 Canal Rd, Orange Beach, AL 36561, has a beautiful pier perfect for small weddings. It is on scenic Wolf Bay, not the Gulf, but it is free with plenty of shade and parking.

$150 Permit Required:

$150 Permit Required:

$150 Permit Required:

All PUBLIC beaches from the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores east to the Florida line belong to the Gulf State Park system.

The City of Gulf Shores does not allow weddings with furniture/decor at it's public beach access points. An elopement (2-8 people) is allowed. 

If you wish us to marry you at the Gulf State Park Pavilion, Cotton Bayou or Alabama Point East, you must have us purchase the $150 permit. 

Rules are set by the State of Alabama.

The State of Alabama will issue no refunds for any beach wedding permits, however the date and time may be changed one time. Any changes must be submitted in advance.    

We are "Approved Wedding Planners/Officiants" for

Alabama Gulf State Park beaches below. Both require a $150 permit.

The Gulf State Park Pavilion


 It is located six miles east of Highway 59 and offers air-conditioned restrooms, private showers, a snack bar, shady spots to sit and eat. 

Cotton Bayou Beach Access

(25900 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach AL 36561)

At the intersection of Highways 161 and 182. It has restrooms and close parking.

The Gulf State Park Pier public access points no longer allow weddings of any kind by anyone.