Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How do we book your services?  Text or call me to find out if I am available at 251-709-5007. Then fill out the contact from on this website and send in the deposit. I will send you a confirmation email and other information.

2.  How long will the ceremony last?  From the moment you step up to me until I pronounce you married, usually about 20 minutes. I try not to hurry through or make it seem rushed, but also keep in mind the heat, distractions, age of wedding guests, etc.

3.  Does my fiance need to memorize anything?  No.  Everything you need to say is "repeat after your wedding officiant" unless you write your own vows.  

4.  Can we include our children in the ceremony?  Yes!  I even have vows for blended families if you like.

5.  How do you feel about alcohol at the wedding/reception?  No problem. Have fun. Be responsible!

6.  Can my parents call you?  They are really nervous about my finding an officiant online.  Of course they can.  I would be happy to do whatever I can to help them feel better about it. Refer them to this FAQ page first!

7.  How do you like to be addressed, Dr., Brother, Pastor, Rev. or by your first name?  My wife and children will tell you that I like to be called "O Great Ruler of the Household and Master of the Barbeque Grill", but, if that is as "inconvenient" to you as it seems to be to them, just Steve will be fine, PLEASE! 

8.  Do we need a permit for the beach?  Not always.  Don't rush to buy one until you talk to me.  If you do need a permit, the State of Alabama charges $60.00 for weddings on public beaches in some areas.  I will be happy to get that for you.

9.  Will you travel to my wedding?  Yes, I will travel anywhere in the United States or Caribbean. However, travel expenses will have to be discussed if you need me outside of Baldwin County Alabama or Pensacola Florida.  If you want me in Hawaii, please call me soon!  P.S., My wife will want to come. Whatever your circumstances, I can help. 

10. Do we need a license?  If you want your marriage to be legal, you will need to have a license with you at the ceremony.  You cannot get legally married before getting a license.  If you are already legally married and/or wish me to marry you “spiritually” rather than legally, I can do that, but please let me know before the ceremony. 

11. Do you do the popular "unity" ceremonies, such as the Sand Ceremony, Unity Candle, etc.? Yes and there is no extra charge. Also, If you choose to have the Sand Ceremony, I will be happy to provide a table suitable for the sand and vases.  It is your responsibility to bring the vases and colored sand if you choose.  There is no extra charge for the table.

12. I may have some "unusual" request.  Are you easily offended?  No.  I'm fairly laid back.  Can't hurt to ask!

13. Can we meet you before the wedding date?  Sure, I would love to meet you! Just set up a time to stop by my home.

14. Do you have a formal contract for us to sign?  Yes, if you desire.  I don't normally require one inasmuch as we communicate primarily through email and the responsibilities are clearly laid out there, but I will be happy to send you a contract if you like.

15. Do you file the marriage license afterwards? Yes, I do.  Also, Baldwin County Alabama requires a short form and $3 fee for them to send a certified copy to you after it is filed. If you like, just include that finished form in the license envelope and $3.  I'll be happy to write an "in county check" to the Probate Judge so you won't have to get a money order or cashier's check.

16. What will you wear? My default attire is a white shirt and khaki pants in keeping with the pictures on this website. However, you are welcome to request that I wear a black suit, black minister's robe or navy blazer.

17. Should I beware of people who purchase an "online ordination" just to officiate weddings?  Yes!  Please don't let anyone talk you into letting just anyone officiate your wedding.  It hasn't been tested legally and you don't want to be the first.  Further, you deserve someone trained, experienced and about whom there is no question regarding their qualifications. 

18. What if I'm running late for my wedding? I cannot promise that I can wait in excess of 30 minutes past our agreed upon start time. Please be on time as I may have a wedding scheduled after yours.

19. What if it rains? We will attempt to wait it out, reschedule or have the wedding inside.