How To Get Married: Step by Step Instructions

1. Find someone you love and ask them to marry you.

I recommend your best friend. If the person you are marrying isn't your "go to" best friend whose advice you seek, company you love and whose life is more important to you than your own, keep looking.

2. Pick a date, time and place.

Every relative, friend and vendor will want to know this before they can commit to anything you ask of them. If you are flexible, then decide on a range of possibilities, but try to be as specific as possible.

3. Text or call me to see if I'm available.

Believe it or not, some people plan their wedding before securing a minister/officiant. Sadly, if no minister/officiant is available, they are unwittingly planning an expensive party. I have received some pretty frantic phone calls in a panic.

My number is 251-709-5007.

4. Obtain a marriage license.

In order to be legally married, you must get a marriage license before the ceremony. Usually, you must have a license from the state in which you are married, not from your home state. For example, if you live in Texas but want to get married in Alabama, you will need an Alabama marriage license. Click HERE for more details.

5. Bring your marriage license with you to the ceremony.

Give it to your minister/officiant before the ceremony. I usually keep your marriage license and return it to the appropriate county on your behalf. This keeps you from having to worry about it at all.

6. After the ceremony, tip your vendors.

Your florist, photographers, DJ's etc... can do the minimum agreed upon or make your day truly special.  Show them some love.